Decentralized Cloud
Storage Platform

DeStorage project is a decentralized storage platform that uses BaaSid’s
decentralized core technology.
-since 2018-


De Storage, which signifies “Decentralized Storage,” is a decentralized storage service platform using the core technologies of “Split Engine,” which splits, separates, and distributes data at the source, and “Combine Engine,” which collects, combines, and authenticates the split pieces of data. The “Decentralized Storage” has an “end-to-end” security system designed for the security of the centralized storage as well as the user environment, and provides top-level safe security services through three-layered security technologies and procedures.

Data split & combine process

Decentralized Storage

Data Security

Protect Data issue

The demand for security of sensitive personal and corporate data is growing.

Currently, customers are requiring simultaneous provision of data security, storage, and encryption due to the rapid increase of sensitive data leakage incidents such as personal information of individuals and organizations, documents, secrets, and contracts. This means that the rapid growth of storage usage by individuals is leading to the occurrence of privacy infringements, and new threats of data security are increasing in proportion to the increasing use of storages by businesses.


Decentralized Storage

Security needs for data and data storages are growing rapidly.

Decentralized Storage is a new type of data storage method, different from the conventional centralized data storage and protection methods, and can build an effective data defense system together with data encryption. Unlike the defense system that operates data protection zones such as firewalls and IPS, Decentralized Storage can implement more safe data se curity by combining and authenticating data pieces whenever users want without preserving the data sources through data split and physically separated storages of data.

De Storage has implemented decentralized
storage by applying Split Engine, Combine Engine,
and Sub Chain of BaaSid, and will develop various decentralized storage products.

BaaSid' s Split Engine & Combine Engine / Sub Chain

Split Engine

4Data on personal information is encrypted, then split into thousands of small fragments after which a split ID with a characteristic value is created. At this time, the source is discarded and simply no longer exists anywhere.

Split Engine

The encrypted data fragments (Split ID) that were thoroughly split are then split and distributed to the fastest nodes (split block).

[Source : BaaSid White Paper]

The purpose of De Storage is data security through data split and distribution systems. In particular, it should enhance compatibility for the introduction of the decentralization systems of existing OSP companies and plug-ins. This is because existing companies’ rejection of decentralized system and burden for system integration are decisive obstacles to the introduction of decentralized systems. De Storage should consider the convenience and stability as much as possible in terms of data management by organizations while splitting and decentralizing data itself. To that end, we should predict and design understanding, compromise, and compatibility with existing systems as an important process of our business.

The cloud version of De Storage will heighten user convenience and accessibility of organizations. The clouds are currently integrating all infrastructures including SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. The De Storage Cloud will bring a new storage paradigm into the current storage market. This is because existing storage products do not have any momentum in the midst of infinite competition. As a result, the prices and profits of storage may decline, because no more new storage products can be expected in the short term. The De Storage Cloud can attain competitiveness as a new product in this storage market and provide new concept and vision for data security.

De Storage has implemented decentralized
storage by applying Split Engine, Combine Engine,
and Sub Chain of BaaSid, and will develop various decentralized storage products.

Decentralized Cloud

DCS(Decentralized Cloud Storage)

Decentralization of the data storage and cloud storage services

New forms of decentralized storage services combined with cloud are implemented and serviced by building a user-oriented decentralized data storage that combines the existing cloud storage with a decentralized storage.

Backup and Restore

Highly safe
distributed backup solution

Data Recovery (DR)

Protection of secret data,
applications, and IT systems

Archive and Block Volume

Archive data can be safely
processed to comply with
personal data protection laws

recovery 1

Accumulation of Big Data

Storage of accumulated data
used for big data analysis

Data Storage Paradigm

Dictionary and hash for data

Object Storage and Unused

Hierarchical separated/distributed
storage for large files

– The sources of sensitive contracts, medical data, and various certificates are fragmented and managed separately.
– Storages for backup and restore through the operation of large-capacity cold storages (data warehouse
– Construction of and services for a smart work system cloud that allows safe external access
– Service infrastructure through self-sovereign identity information and know your client (KYC) data storage


The independently constructed ASP platform of De Storage is the safest decentralized cloud storage service with excellent security that can be easily used by individuals and organizations.
Personal or organizational users can log in to the service through the Authentication app of BaaSid. Furthermore, they can set powerful security authentication additionally for each file for the combination and decryption of all the decentralized data (texts, images, documents, etc.) provided by De Storage.

Compatible Storage for System integration

This means that the data split, separation, and distribution technologies of De Storage for data
security are independent solutions and they aim to interface with various blockchains depending
on the function and purpose of data storage.
De Storage is designed to provide maximum possible flexibility to enhance the user convenience
of customers through compatibility with the storages of existing clouds (Amazon S3, Microsoft
Azure, Oracle, etc.) and interface with blockchains.
De Storage is pursuing strategic partnerships to allow existing cloud customers to use De
Storage more conveniently
through API interface with existing loud storages.
One of our mid-term goals is to reduce rejection to decentralization while increasing the market
share of De Storage.

Road Map

2022 / 1Q

NFT Market Place Design & Development

In the NFT Marketplace developed by BaaSid taiwan, the technology to store customer information in decentralized storage was appied.

2022 / 2Q

Original storage according to the issuance of various certificate

When various certificate are issued, the ‘Original certificate’ is simultaneously stored in decentralized storage. This is for certificates issued by various industries in the future and for the blockchain based decentralized storage market.

2022 / 3Q

Decentralized Storage Update for issuance certificate

Implementing infrastructure efficiency and various functional improvements of decentralized storage / Various nodes and function upgrades.

2022 / 4Q

Destorage ‘Safe Box’ Service (B2C Solutions)

“Safe Box“ B2C Service Plan & Design (Service structure and planning)

Destorage development

Development of destruction storage system.

2023 / 1Q

Business Modeling (Plugin App)

Safe Box’ in app Service with Agendabook It will serve customers through Agenabook’s inapp service

Linked with BaaSid mainnet

Development of certificate service through linking BaaSid mainnet and destorage server.

2023 / 2Q

Billing system by DS token

Linking DS for ‘Safe Box’ usage fee payment

DestorageStorage update for issuance certificate

Implementing infrastructure efficiency and various functional improvements of Decentralized Storage.

2023 / 3Q

Certification Management Design

Certificate system development.

2023 / 4Q

DestorageStorage update for issuance certificate

Implementing infrastructure efficiency and various functional improvements of Decentralized Storage / Various nodes and function update.

2024 / 1Q ~

Token ecosystem design

Preparing and design new plans and services to study the token ecosystem and commercial services. 

Ds Token

DS Token is a utility token that has been published first based on ERC20. The blockchain and main net used in De Storage does not mean that they are swapped to new coins. The exiting published tokens based on ERC20 can be maintained or listed in a cryptocurrency exchange. ​When DS Token is republished as a separate coin, we will prepare for and implement swaps through a separate announcement. This may be affected by the exchange’s cooperation and applicable laws.​The services of De Storage are designed to improve security through private node and to provide safe decentralized storages for individuals as well as organizations.​De Storage will provide services to allow individuals and organizations to easily choose and manage decentralized storages through cooperation with existing cloud providers (Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, etc.) and API compatibility.​For some of the De Storage clouds, the holders can acquire resources through DS Token. The acquired resources of the De Storage Cloud can be provided to other third parties or can be serviced directly through API interface and contents building.
  • Organizations or individuals can use DS Token as a price for the De Storage cloud services.​
  • The Company may use some of the net profits earned through the De Storage business (excluding the operating costs, infrastructure and other costs of the company) to recover DS Tokens. ​
  • The open resources of the De Storage Cloud can be acquired by DS Token and provided to third parties, or API interface and services can be developed and serviced.​

The total published quantity of DS (De Storage) Tokens is 10,000,000,000, and the allocations of the tokens are as follows.

1. Reserve: 30% (Lockup) (May 31 2025)
2. Founder: 20% (Lockup) (May 31 2025)
3. Team/Advisor: 10% (Lockup) (May 31 2025)
4. Reward Resrve: 20% (No lockup)
5. Marketing/Liquidity: 15% (No lockup)
6. Airdrop/Event: 5% (No lockup)

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